Posted on: June 21. 2017

VIVA® Family

pedag supports you wherever you are It is important to preserve the health of your feet as they literally carry […]

Posted on: June 19. 2017

Tips for cold feet

Cold feet are extremely unpleasant and they can spoil us for the beauties of winter. A walk through a snow-covered […]

Posted on: April 19. 2017

There are no bad fitting shoes!

Our feet have a rough time: in an average lifetime, they carry us the equivalent of four times around the […]

Posted on: March 19. 2017

Problem area ‘foot’

Hard grounds, standing work, high heels and narrow shoes can eventually lead to foot disorders. We would like to provide […]

Posted on: February 19. 2017

Splayfoot issues?

In our everyday live we usually walk on hard grounds and many women do not go out without their high […]

Posted on: January 19. 2017

Natural walking experience

“100 % nature” – this is the way of life more and more people follow. When shopping, many people prefer […]