Natural walking experience

“100 % nature” – this is the way of life more and more people follow. When shopping, many people prefer to buy eco-friendly products. If you are also among this group and you don’t want to dismiss this way of life when it comes to your foot support, our VIVA®-Family is the perfect product range for you.

Everywhere we can, we use natural materials for our products. This provides natural comfort and an optimal climate inside your shoes. No matter if leather, jute felt, wool or sisal, the wellness foot supports of our VIVA®-Family treat your feet with natural materials.


For a natural walking experience

Walking, standing and running – for most people this is just everyday business. But once walking becomes painful, you notice how precious healthy feet really are. About 80 % of the people suffer from foot complaints: overstrained heels, fallen arches or splayfeet, there are many issues. Our comfort foot supports of the VIVA®-Family can alleviate the pain and keep your feet healthy. All VIVA®-Family products are equipped with a longitudinal arch support, a metatarsal pad and a heel cushion that place the foot in an anatomically correct position and provide natural support.

pedag VIVA® is one of the most popular foot supports of the VIVA®-Family. Its surface is made of fine cowhide, a natural product that is very hard-wearing and highly absorbent, optimally taking in the moisture of the foot. But there are more VIVA® foot supports equipped with a fine leather surface: pedag VIVA® MINI, our foot support for narrow shoes, and pedag VIVA® HIGH, designed for extremely high arched feet (pes cavus). If you are an active person that seeks natural comfort, pedag VIVA® OUTDOOR is the right choice. It is provided with a surface made of natural jute felt that is extremely hard-wearing and withstands (almost) everything. In the cold season, try pedag VIVA®WINTER – its walking surface is made of pure wool that keeps your feet naturally warm. But there is also a foot support designed for the hot months: pedag VIVA® SUMMER! It is made of breathable sisal fibres, obtained of the leaves of the agave cactus, and absorbent cotton terry cloth.

Natural power against foot odour

All feet smell, sometimes more, sometimes less, but they always have a slight odour. Our pedag active carbon filter fights unpleasant foot odour – naturally! The active carbon consists of a special, highly porous carbon with many thousands of microscopically small pores. Therefore, this special active carbon has an extremely large surface that optimally absorbs malodours. Nevertheless, it is important to air the foot supports after wearing to allow the active carbon filter to dry and regenerate.

Natural ingredients

In our shoe care we use natural ingredients like lanolin, caranauba and bees waxes that nourish the leather in-depth. At the same time they are well-tolerated and have been tried and tested for many, many years. When developing new products, we also look for sustainablility and environmental protection. This is why we developed the world’s first environmentally-friendly waterproofer. In addition to this; we offer as many solvent-free, water-based products as possible. We do this not only to protect nature, but also because we know that our products do not harm our customers. “Go Green” – with pedag!

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