pedag ANGORA

The ultra-thin and silky-soft natural insole for all seasons.


In winter your feet get cold and in summer they get too warm? It is important to have a well-functioning temperature regulation in your shoes in order to create an optimal shoe climate. No matter if spring, summer, autumn or winter, pedag ANGORA is the ideal insole for all seasons. The super-fine and silky-soft fibres of the angora wool have millions of microscopically small air chambers. The air stored in these chambers naturally regulates the temperature inside the shoe – all year long. In spring and summer, pedag ANGORA cools your feet, in autumn and winter it keeps them warm and cosy. Our ANGORA insole is only about 3 mm thick. that’s why it fits perfectly in every kind of shoe, be it warming winter boots and elegant city boots or fashionable men’s loafers and other tight-fitting shoes that usually don’t have enough room for warm insoles. pedag ANGORA can even be worn in delicate ballet flats and offers a comfortable “natural cushion” to your feet.


Size 38, Size 37, Size 39, Size 40, Size 41, Size 42