The support for fallen arches and splayfeet: equipped with a heel pad that absorbs impact shocks in flat shoes.


If you suffer from a splayfoot, you know how painful this can be: there is a burning sensation in the ball of your foot, your forefoot hurts badly. When walking longer distances, your feet quickly become fatigued. Splayfeet are caused by a flattened latitudinal arch that provokes the pressure to concentrate in certain areas of the foot causing more and more pain. pedag COMFORT will alleviate the symptoms of splayfeet, supporting the metatarsus and locating the bones in the anatomically correct position. Additionally, the soft heel pad cushions the impact shock and alleviates symptoms of different heel and joint issues. pedag COMFORT gives strong hold and support in flat shoes. It is an indispensable helper for everyone who suffers from fallen arches and splayfeet seeking relief.


Size 40, Size 38, Size 42, Size 44