Our innovative barefoot insole with integrated silver for odourless feet.

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If you are among those who like wearing shoes without socks, you will be familiar with the issue: without a sock that absorbs the sweat produced by your feet, the shoe gets moist. And when bacteria start to decompose the sweat, an unpleasant smell comes up. The barefoot insole pedag DEO FRESH will help you avoiding and neutralising malodours. The surface of our shoe insert is made of special bioactive terry cloth that absorbs the moisture. The integrated antimicrobial silver kills bacteria and avoids unpleasant odours. Even if DEO FRESH is worn and washed frequently, the insole does not lose its properties and keeps your feet fresh and hygienic. The underside of pedag DEO FRESH is made of sisal. This natural fibre, obtained of the leaves of the agave cactus, allows the feet to breathe and provides soft cushioning for great feel and comfort. pedag DEO FRESH is the barefoot insole that provides 24 hours of freshness and cleanliness to your shoes and your feet. It is also available in king sizes and for kids.


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