pedag GELAXY

Elastic gel foot support with velvety soft surface.

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If you regularly practise sports or if you are generally an active person, you are probably delighted about everything that does good to your feet. When practising sports or other activities, only a few areas of the foot have to bear a great amount of pressure for a long time. A possible consequence: aching and tired feet. The longitudinal arch support, the forefoot cushion and the heel pad of the gel foot support pedag GELAXY relieve the foot. Moreover, the foot support is slip-resistant and therefore does not move inside the shoe. The viscoelastic high-tech gel reduces the load peaks born by the forefoot and minimises the impact shocks that act upon ankles, knees, hips, ligaments and spinal column. The velvety soft microfibre velour on the surface of pedag GELAXY absorbs the moisture of the foot – for a good climate inside your shoes. pedag GELAXY, the hand-washable gel foot support for sports and other activities.


Size 38/39, Size 36/37, Size 40/41, Size 42/43, Size 44/45, Size 46/48