pedag LADY GEL

For a soft and comfortable feel in stilettos, high heels, ballet flats and open shoes.


All women love high heeled shoes, because they look great in them. But wearing them is less of a pleasure. Sometimes your feet hurt so badly, caused by the thin sole and the high heels, you just want get rid of the high heels? We have good news for you: pedag LADY GEL cushions your feet and gives your feet a strong hold in high heels. When wearing high heels, 75% of your weight is borne by your forefoot. The toe-free insole LADY GEL supports and cushions the latitudinal arch, the forefoot and the heel. The insole relieves especially the front part of the foot and prevents burning balls – with or without tights or socks. LADY GEL also helps preventing splayfoot problems and alleviates the pain caused by already existing splayfeet. The surface of the insole is made of special microfibre velour. The insole itself is thin enough to avoid pinching and just cushioning enough to give relief. The 3/4 insole LADY GEL is washable, self-adhesive and removable. It gives you a strong hold and fits even in the highest stilettos and is cosy to your feet like a second skin.


Large, Medium, Small