The exclusive leather foot support with Memory Foam that individually adapts to your foot.


Do you love the feeling of walking on a softly cushioning insole made of Memory Foam? However, you do not want to do without the wonderful comfort and relief a foot support provides? Our new leather foot support pedag MAGIC STEP PLUS combines the advantages of both – so you can have it all! This new leather foot support comes with a Memory Foam layer that individually adapts to the shape of your foot for optimal cushioning. In addition, the insert is anatomically shaped in such a way it supports your foot at the three most sensitive zones: the forefoot (metatarsal pad), the longitudinal arch (arch support) and the heel (heel pad). These elements redistribute the weight to shelter your joints and your spine. The Memory Foam foot support has a surface made of soft leather that absorbs the moisture of the foot and therefore keeps your shoes fresh and hygienic. Enjoy heavenly soft comfort that individually adapts to you and your feet with the Memory Foam foot support pedag MAGIC STEP PLUS.


Size 39, Size 38, Size 40, Size 41, Size 42, Size 43, Size 44