pedag SIESTA

The flexible foot support that provides freshness in every shoe.


Allow your feet a little rest from long shopping trips and extended walks through the metropolis of the world. pedag SIESTA will make your feet feel comfortable – anywhere you go. The flexible foot support relieves your feet. The soft ball cushion alleviates pain caused by splayfeet and helps preventing them. The flexible pad on the inside of the foot gives additional support and prevents fallen arches and flat feet. pedag SIESTA is made of leather and active carbon – both natural products. That makes our insole a truly natural refresher: the leather absorbs the moisture produced by the feet, the active carbon neutralises odours. Make even high heels a pleasure to wear and allow your feet a little pedag SIESTA!


Size 36, Size 37, Size 38, Size 39, Size 40, Size 41, Size 42