pedag VIVA® HIGH

Special foot support with an extra high longitudinal arch support for high arches.


About 20 to 25 percent of the population have a high longitudinal arch, also called pes cavus. If you are among them, you know what this can imply. The foot support pedag VIVA® HIGH relieves your feet. It is a comfortable foot support that we developed with orthopaedic experts to meet the special needs of people with high arches. The extra high longitudinal arch support of pedag VIVA® HIGH cushions and supports the foot and keeps it in the right position. Furthermore, the anatomically shaped heel cushion absorbs the impact shock. The metatarsal pad prevents the creation of a splayfoot and alleviates its symptoms. The fine and breathable cowhide surface and the active carbon filter provide an optimal climate inside the shoe. If you want to walk like on air despite your high arches keeping your feet healthy, try our special foot support pedag VIVA® HIGH.


Size 38, Size 37, Size 39, Size 40, Size 41, Size 42, Size 43