Tips for cold feet

Cold feet are extremely unpleasant and they can spoil us for the beauties of winter. A walk through a snow-covered forest is no fun when your feet feel as cold as the snow itself. Moreover, freezing feet are not only unpleasant, but they can make you more susceptible to catching a cold. This is why we have gathered some tips for you to help you get through the winter with warm feet.


As soon as it gets colder, many people suffer from freezing feet. The reason for this is a simple protection mechanism: our body is programmed to protect all vital organs and therefore the blood flow is focused on the brain and the organs. In contrast, the blood vessels of our limbs contract, reducing the blood flow in our hands and feet, leaving them to freeze quickly in winter.

The only thing you can do about it: dress warmly when you go outside. Make sure that you always wear comfortable and warm shoes with thick soles. The tighter your shoes are the colder your feet get. Never wear shoes that constrain the blood circulation. Moreover, shoes should always be wide so that there is an insulating layer of air between the inner and the foot. Thermic insoles made of pure wool or functional fibers like pedag VIVA® WINTER or pedag ALU ASTRO keep your feet extra warm.

Wet feet get cold

Another important point when talking about cold feet is water. When your feet become wet – usually because of rain or melting water penetrating the shoes – our body quickly loses heat and our feet cool out. For this reason, it is crucial to wear well waterproofed shoes and boots in winter. The fine mist of our pedag Waterproofer creates a protective layer on the surface that makes it difficult for water to penetrate the shoe.

A winter insole with aluminum bottom like pedag ALU ASTRO or pedag SOLAR also helps to keep your feet dry. The special aluminum foil protects the feet from getting wet and reflects the ground cold – and your feet stay warm for a longer time.

Hot tips for cold feet

  1. Always wear thick and warming socks – i.e. made from wool or thermic materials.
  2. Regularly enjoy warming foot baths, ideally with some drops of rosemary essential oil (or other therapeutic oils).
  3. Take hot-cold showers or regular baths in cold water (16 to 18°C/ 60 to 65 °F). Not only does this keep you fit, but it improves your blood flow, which is the most effective measure to fight cold feet.
  4. Foot rubs also improve the blood flow and the friction brings additional heat to cold feet.
  5. Another good tip to improve the circulation: regularly practice foot gymnastics. A perfect measure also for people working in offices, as feet frequently get cold when sitting still.

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